Since its inception some four decades ago as a family enterprise, the Cyrus Group has today progressively evolved into a truly multi-national and multi-cultural corporation with strategic partners and operations internationally.The Cyrus Group has made it a top priority to define and implement uniform policy guidelines to be applied throughout the businesses of the Group, including the adoption of a code of conduct, the creation of an ethics committee and the development of a sustainable policy for growth reflecting the Group’s commitment to quality and Environment management.The Cyrus Group is and will always be committed to meeting Client’s requirements and needs, thereby, increasing client satisfaction through continual improvement of its products, services, and established management system objectives.


In 2019, a professional manufacturing facility was established to manufacture Hand Sanitizers for distributing in the UAE and MENA regions.

We are a leading company in UAE for hygiene product solutions bringing quality, value, service and expertise to our customers, being the best.

We are honoured to be the trusted experts in complete hygiene solutions in many industries, home & office segments we serve and are on a mission to create better out-comes for clean, hygiene, safe, healthy and productive work and living spaces in the UAE and also around the World.

Our high-grade santizer prevents the spread of infections and the transmission of dangerous diseases and illnesses so you have the convenience of safe and protected hands as often as required. Cytoclean is available in five sizes, Cytoclean 60ml (Squeeze), Cytoclean 100ml (Spray/ Squeeze), Cytoclean 300ml (Pump Top/ Spray), Cytoclean 500ml (Pump Top), and Cytoclean 5L (Jerry Can)

Cytoclean is an industry-leading brand, which is manufactured at our own facility in the UAE and distributed to our customers in the UAE and overseas.

Our Workforce provide top quality products, delivery and value to customers, with highly automated equipment and sophisticated QC processes. The product quality and production capacity are guaranteed.